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ROAD WATCH - Working Together for Safer Roads

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To report any incidences of unsafe driving, please complete the York Regional Police Citizen Report Form.

What is Road Watch?
Road Watch is a community initiative, supported by the Town of Richmond Hill and York Regional Police to address aggressive and dangerous driving on public roads. 

How does it work?
Any member of the public can report an instance of aggressive and dangerous driving through the York Regional Police website. York Regional Police will then contact the registered owner of the offending vehicle in writing. The reporting process is anonymous (the registered owner will not be told of your identity).

What are examples of aggressive and dangerous driving?
  • Tail-gating (following too closely)
  • Multiple, rapid lane-changes (improper lane changes)
  • Disobeying traffic signs and signals (failure to stop/yield to right-of-way)
  • Use of a cellular phone without a handsfree device
What information do I need to make a report?
  • Date and approximate time of witnessed infraction
  • License plate and either the make or colour of the offending vehicle
  • Offending behavior
Why do I need to be involved?
Our roads are shared by everyone so we all have a responsibility in keeping them safe from aggressive and dangerous driving. As a driver in our community, you are the eyes and ears of our roads and know where police enforcement could be beneficial. Without public reporting Road Watch is less able to help the police make our roads safer.

What may I not report through Road Watch?
How do I learn more about Road Watch?
Please contact the Town at or visit the Richmond Hill Road Watch booth at community events throughout the year.
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